The windmill of Jetten is still fully operational.

de zakken mout liggen beneden
We receive bags of 25 kg barleymalt by our customer.
de zakken mout gaan omhoog
The bags are hoisted up, two at a time, with our wind operated hoist to the upper floor of the windmill (the stone-floor).
Patrick stort een zak mout in de kaar
Here the bags are opened and emptied in the wheat-collector.
The shaker distributes the malt between the grinding stones.
het meel loopt door de meelbak
The malt flour is transported to the flour bin where we can control the quality of our product and adjust the process by lowering or lifting the grinding stones. The flour is collected in bags.
de zakken meel gaan omlaag
The bags of malt flour are lowered for storage in our mill.
de zakken meel liggen klaar om opgehaald te worden
The malt flour is picked up by our customer Zuidam which uses our product for distilling whisky.