Type Enclosed postmill
Body White painted with green borders, breast with shingle boarding
Round house Stone, slate roof
Cap Bell-shaped roof with overhanging lucam
Type of Sail Single sided sails
Sail cross
Made by Number Position Year Length
Pot 1184 inside 1880 24.80 m.
Pot 1138 outside 1879 24.60 m.
Made by Number Year Length
Mercx Tilburg -- 1893 05.50 m.
Winding mechanism Collar winding mechanism; capstan wheel
Brake Flemish brake; brake beam with swinging catch; brake barrel
Machinery 1 pair 17der composite stones; geared sack hoist
Gear Headwheal 79 cogs
Stonenut 15 sticks, pitch 12,5 cm.
Gear ratio 1 : 5,27